The Story of the Stranded Extraterrestrial 4: Astral Projection.

( My wife stirred on the bed, diverting my attention from the story I was reading. She opened her eyes and said sleepily, ‘Still reading’. It was not a question but I answered in the affirmative. She turned and looked at the wall clock. ‘It’s late’, she whispered, ‘if you get carried away by Shoram’s story, you’ll miss tonight’s sleep. You can continue reading tomorrow’.
‘Not now. I’ll put it down in an hour’. I answered.
‘Please yourself’, she said and went back to sleep again with feline elegance.

I opened the next page and was surprised. My wife had transliterated a paragraph from the original Alien language referred to as Cosmolingo. Well, she had said it before. Some words might not have equivalents in English and would have to be transliterated. What I saw read something like this:
‘ lagfa ligun kihila z’rrtasun
lista nestrata bihila h’rrfasun
buklu sulmu parka s’rrrshasun
gadka bahashnak nahrr’rasun…’

Instantly I found myself floating skyward through a tunnel of light with a marvelous speed and before I knew it I was hovering above Planet Hana. That was when I understood what had happened.

All along, Shoram did not describe his hometown, the City of Han on the Planet Hana in detail. Now I found out why. The planet is simply impossible to describe in words. That was why he used a chant that could trigger astral projection so that the reader can see the planet and city for himself.
The city itself spans about fifteen percent of the entire planet. It is on a very large continent of lush, green vegetation. There is just one continent and several islands all surrounded by a very vast ocean.
The sight here is sharper and everything comes alive in vivid colours, thanks to the three suns above.
The city is a magnificent work blending architecture with art. All the buildings were glittering like precious stones. Skyscrapers and dome structures were arranged in an alignment I can never explain. Mere seeing the design sent waves of energy surging through my ethereal body suspended mid-air in the midst of a traffic of flying cars. There were smaller cities in all parts of the continent and islands.
There were areas with suspended buildings, having no foundation on the ground. There were also those built on a ground-foundation but it seems all such buildings had one common ground-foundation so that with the the power of anti-gravity, the city could suspend itself mid-air in the event of a strong earthquake.
I saw several idle spacecraft on their tarmacs and scout ships flying around in a delightful pattern. There were also ordinary cars, luxurious ones and even battered ones moving on heavenly streets and highways on the ground.
People were at work, children were in school, just like it was on our Earth.
However it was the people of Hana that really captured my interest. They looked very human. They were tall, average 6 feet 5 inches for males and 5 feet 7 inches for females. Like on earth, they were of diverse colours, red, yellow, pink, dark-brown and even green but they looked very human, that is, until I saw one man ‘transform.’ He was having an argument with another man and it seems he lost his temper, then suddenly his smooth dark-brown body turned to a scaly one, almost tearing his multi-coloured robe to pieces, a style in which most of them were attired.. A team of policemen had to intervene to calm him. When his temper subsided the scales disappeared…

I woke up with a start and realised it was already morning. I had slept off during the astral journey and could not remember how I returned, but I remember everything I saw. The papers had fallen on the floor by the side of the bed. I picked them up and kept them aside for the next round of reading later in the day).

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I am a very pensive man with a load of ideas that needs to get off my head. I may not be well educated by set standards but I am sure of being understood. Born in Ghana to Nigerian parents, I left that country on my 20th year to Lagos where I got a job as an Auditor. That is when my life training started. I've been through thick and thin and have soundly overcome several challenges. I am ready for more. I am married with five children. My wife, the pillar of my heart has always been there for me. I love reggae music without the ganja stuff. Good reggae music uplifts my anytime. Music generally is always welcome to my ears. My best dishes are rice and salad, pounded-yam and chicken egusi soup. Religion? Yes, that thorny issue threatening to divide this world. I believe in all religions without the violence. I do believe in the Intellectual struggle, just as I am blogging now. I believe that mankind can unite despite all the differences. All religions are waves of the same ocean. Come with me.
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  1. Dagu says:

    The pictur of this gr8 city of dscribe play b4 me as i read this

  2. KUNLE says:


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