The Story of the Stranded Extraterrestrial 6: Absurd Identity.

The Story of the Stranded Extraterrestrial 6: Absurd Identity..

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The Story of the Stranded Extraterrestrial 6: Absurd Identity.

( We sat before the TV in the evening waiting for the main news. Rumours were all over the place that an extraterrestrial had been captured by Sergeant Doma and Corporal Niku, those nosey policemen who questioned us in our house a couple of days ago. Some said the alien was captured trying to rape a woman, others said he was captured struggling to eat earthly food that choked him. Some said he was like a reptile, others said he was insectoid.
The news was read on TV. Yes, it was true that a person who appeared to be an alien was actually captured while riding a bike at top speed. He had large eyes, a small mouth with whiskers. He had a large head and a tail! The colour of his skin was green and he was about five feet tall. The ‘alien’ did not resist arrest and was found to be very fluent in English. However on closer examination he was at last found be fake. He was wearing a nearly fool-proof disguise, to the disappointment of Sergeant Doma and his partner who had arrested and taken him to the police headquarters.
The Sergeant appeared in an interview afterwards.

Q: Sergeant, we know you’ve been on the trail of ETs for a long time. What do you say about this catch now?
Doma: (Clears throat) It was a great mistake and I apologise to the public for this misinformation. Actually, there is no way I would have thought Sam Kudu would play this prank on us. We know he is a movie star, but it is gross mischief to make the police look stupid.
Q: With what has happened now do you still believe ETs exist? Dont you think all your chases will end up this same way?
Doma: I have never seen an extraterrestrial before…
Q: All I’m asking you is, can you affirm that ETs are not fanciful ideas borne out of superstition?
Doma: Well, I’m no longer sure. In fact I am not sure at all that I believe in their existence. But my partner thinks he can telepathically contact them.
Q: Did Sam Kudu, whom you wrongly arrested as an ET emit any vibration that led your partner to conclude he was an ET?
Doma: As I said before I am very sorry. God! I hate ETs, fake or real.
Moderator: Viewers, that’s all the time we have for this absurd mistaken identity. Good night.

My wife and I laughed till our ribs began to pain us.
‘Do you know what tomorrow’s newspapers will say about this’? my wife asked,’Sam Kudu turns to ET. Gets arrested’, or ‘Sergeant Doma Admits Chasing Shadows’ or any funny headline like that..’
I replied, ‘And the cartoonists will have a field day making a carricature of poor Doma and Niku. So much for their chase’.
‘That should teach people not to meddle in matters they know nothing about’, my wife said.
‘I agree with you’, I chuckled. ‘With their images battered now, we are free to pursue our space goals unhindered, thanks to Sam Kudu. But trust the police, he will be charged to court for God-knows-what..’ I could not help laughing again.

That night I took the Shoram scripts for further reading. My wife suddenly snatched them from me and hurried into the bedroom. I followed her, slightly annoyed.
She laid on the bed and put the scripts under her pillow then dimmed the lights.
As I reached out to take them she held my hand and pulled. I fell on top of her.
‘You’ve been showering all your attention on Shoram and Nasima instead of me’, she said teasingly, ‘I deserve that attention, don’t I’?
‘Women’! I said, ‘you are all the same’.
‘Stop bellyaching and come over’.
She was irresistible in the dim light and before the count of three I was on an ecstasic assignment).

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The Story of The Stranded Extraterrestrial 5. The Cragto.

( I gathered the sheets and headed for the study where I wanted to comfortably continue reading the extraordinary story of Shoram. Just then my attention was drawn to a TV broadcast saying an extraterrestrial had been captured by the police. I was interested and called my wife. We sat and listened, hoping to see a footage of the capture. There was none so we lost interest and I headed for my study where I started reading…)

It was Contemplation Day according to our tradition based on a lunar calender using the revolution of the biggest moon revolving around Han. Most people were headed for their various temples to give thanks to The Origin. My father wanted me to follow him to our own temple but I declined, prefering to go to the serene Forest of Springs. I drove in my flying car through the air, looking at the scenery below. The forest consisted of very tall trees with grasses adorned by flowers of different colours. The morning light made it look like an embroidered carpet from the air.
I landed in a clearing near a spring gushing from a hill surrounded by a grove of flowers. I parked the car and stood at the centre of the clearing, raising my hands skywards with my eyes closed, feeling the Oneness of Being, the Beauty of Life and Love Eternal. Slowly I entered the Point and found myself soaring till I reached the bank of a blue river. There I stood, knowing that my body was left behind in the Forest of Springs.
Out of the river a creature emerged suddenly. I was not frightened. In my state of being fright was impossible. The creature was like a giant turtle, six feet long, four feet wide, short limbs and a long neck holding a python-like head.
‘Peace be on you’, it said. I recognised it immediately as the Cragto, also known as the Wise One and Custodian of the Sea. Those who saw him in their dreams, contemplations or visions were considered very fortunate indeed. ‘Shoram…… Welcome to my world’, said he. ‘I deliberately sent for you in order to strengthen you. I noticed how distraught you are about Nasima’s passing over to the other side. Shoram, death does not exist. It is an illusion. Death is only a journey. Your mother and Nasima are both patiently waiting for your father and you to join them when you finish your assignments on Han. Do not be worried. Look cross the river now’.
When I looked, I saw my mother who died six years ago standing with my beloved Nasima at the other bank of the blue river. They were attired in shining multicoloured clothes and were radiating so much love. They waved at me and I waved back.
‘Son, do not distract your attention from the now. Do your Hanian work and enjoy your life. When the time comes we shall wait for your father here, and for you too..’ the telepathic message came from my mother, now looking like a very young woman of twenty-two.
I also sensed Nasima saying, ‘I will also wait for you, Shoram. So go about your business and forget about the past and its sadness. What matters is the here and now…we are happy where we are, so don’t grieve anymore because that hurts…and oh, I have removed the scars of my bite so you can be free of me till we meet again..’ so saying, they both vanished out of sight and I turned to the Cragto who had stretch its neck, bringing its face close to mine and looking straight into my eyes.
‘Shoram, do not forget your spiritual exercises and everything will be okay for you. As for your father..’ and his voice trailed off.
‘Shoram’, he resumed but did not continue what he wanted to say about my father, ‘um…um..I will always be here and next time you return we shall… um…um. Go well, Shoram. Come back after returning from your journey..’
I found myself back in the Forest of Springs with my hands raised and the yellow sun bathing the environment with a beautiful colour.

When I told my father about my experience with the Cragto, he was delighted. ‘You are doing very well, son. Many have tried to contact the Wise One all their lives without success. And..yes, the Cragto is right… I have been making plans for both of us to embark on a journey to…guess where? Planet Terra’!
‘Haaaaaah’, I screamed in delight, prompting our domestic robot to approach us with dispatch.
‘Can I be of help, Commander El Nuk and Master Shoram? I heard a scream..’ the robot squeaked.
On a different occasion I would have rudely sent the robot away but this time I hugged it in joy as we pranced about.
‘So we are going to my dream planet at last. The planet of the Lone Sun…. I am going to visit Egypt, Mesopotamia and Cush! We shall see London and Atlantis…’ I said joyfully.
My father laughed. ‘London and Atlantis’! he roared with laughter.
‘What’s funny, dad’?
‘They are located in two different times’, said he. ‘You’ll see many more interesting places, such as the Underworld civilisation’.

( I had not taken my breakfast and I knew my wife would soon come in to give me marching orders to the dining table…)

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The Story of the Stranded Extraterrestrial 4: Astral Projection.

( My wife stirred on the bed, diverting my attention from the story I was reading. She opened her eyes and said sleepily, ‘Still reading’. It was not a question but I answered in the affirmative. She turned and looked at the wall clock. ‘It’s late’, she whispered, ‘if you get carried away by Shoram’s story, you’ll miss tonight’s sleep. You can continue reading tomorrow’.
‘Not now. I’ll put it down in an hour’. I answered.
‘Please yourself’, she said and went back to sleep again with feline elegance.

I opened the next page and was surprised. My wife had transliterated a paragraph from the original Alien language referred to as Cosmolingo. Well, she had said it before. Some words might not have equivalents in English and would have to be transliterated. What I saw read something like this:
‘ lagfa ligun kihila z’rrtasun
lista nestrata bihila h’rrfasun
buklu sulmu parka s’rrrshasun
gadka bahashnak nahrr’rasun…’

Instantly I found myself floating skyward through a tunnel of light with a marvelous speed and before I knew it I was hovering above Planet Hana. That was when I understood what had happened.

All along, Shoram did not describe his hometown, the City of Han on the Planet Hana in detail. Now I found out why. The planet is simply impossible to describe in words. That was why he used a chant that could trigger astral projection so that the reader can see the planet and city for himself.
The city itself spans about fifteen percent of the entire planet. It is on a very large continent of lush, green vegetation. There is just one continent and several islands all surrounded by a very vast ocean.
The sight here is sharper and everything comes alive in vivid colours, thanks to the three suns above.
The city is a magnificent work blending architecture with art. All the buildings were glittering like precious stones. Skyscrapers and dome structures were arranged in an alignment I can never explain. Mere seeing the design sent waves of energy surging through my ethereal body suspended mid-air in the midst of a traffic of flying cars. There were smaller cities in all parts of the continent and islands.
There were areas with suspended buildings, having no foundation on the ground. There were also those built on a ground-foundation but it seems all such buildings had one common ground-foundation so that with the the power of anti-gravity, the city could suspend itself mid-air in the event of a strong earthquake.
I saw several idle spacecraft on their tarmacs and scout ships flying around in a delightful pattern. There were also ordinary cars, luxurious ones and even battered ones moving on heavenly streets and highways on the ground.
People were at work, children were in school, just like it was on our Earth.
However it was the people of Hana that really captured my interest. They looked very human. They were tall, average 6 feet 5 inches for males and 5 feet 7 inches for females. Like on earth, they were of diverse colours, red, yellow, pink, dark-brown and even green but they looked very human, that is, until I saw one man ‘transform.’ He was having an argument with another man and it seems he lost his temper, then suddenly his smooth dark-brown body turned to a scaly one, almost tearing his multi-coloured robe to pieces, a style in which most of them were attired.. A team of policemen had to intervene to calm him. When his temper subsided the scales disappeared…

I woke up with a start and realised it was already morning. I had slept off during the astral journey and could not remember how I returned, but I remember everything I saw. The papers had fallen on the floor by the side of the bed. I picked them up and kept them aside for the next round of reading later in the day).

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The Story of the Stranded Extraterrestrial 3. “Nasima Has Gone Home”.

I went down the bunker in our home while my father drove in his flying car to attend the Security Committee Meeting with the Chancellor of the Planet, His Majesty Tofa Lastin, who was also billed to address the Senate within the next three hours.

Just before I entered my cabin, a domestic robot approached me.
‘Is there anything I can do for you sir?’
‘Oh, cut off the ‘sir’. My name is Shoram Son of Nuk’, I retorted.
‘Failed to understand command sir. You may wish to clarify’, said the robot.
‘I need nothing for now. I’ll call you when the need arises’.
‘Yes, sir’, The robot then strutted away.

I made a video call to Nasima. She picked it immediately, smiled sweetly and asked, ‘I hope you are not hurting. I mean your neck’.
‘Not when I’m worried about your safety’.
‘We’re safe here. My parents and siblings are all in our private bunker, so it’s fun’, she laughed.
I looked at her on the screen. A rare beauty. Her green eyes were looking into mine invitingly. Her brown skin gleamed in the surrounding light and her crown of red hair was a thrilling sight.
Then I perceived a violent explosion, which shook the bunker, causing the robot to prance around in confusion. I had to deactive it temporarily.

I tried calling Nasima again but the line was dead. I shook with panic. After some cruelly long time the line went through and I was relieved to hear her laugh, but it was a more sober one.
‘I’m okay’, she said, somewhat unconvincingly.
‘I’m happy to hear that. Take care, ok?’ I said.
‘Dont worry. We’ll be fine’, she said and hung up before I could talk further.

Just then my father’s voice came through. ‘We are being bombarded from space right now by the Kohinur. One of their missiles penetrated our planet’s force-field and hit one of our defence stations. About ten percent of Han City is on fire. There is a lot of activity now. The Confederal Government has authorised Han to use maximum force to defend herself. I can’t say more than this, Shoram. Just be careful. Dont come out of the bunker’.
‘Yes, dad’, I answered and he hung up.
Then I perceived another explosion and turned on the viewer.

The entire sky was dotted with our warships headed towards Koh. But it seemed a couple had been shot down by Kohinur missiles. What bothered me was the rising smoke everywhere. The planet was indeed under the most serious attack I have ever heard of.

An announcement came that fierce fighting was taking place midway between Koh and Hana and that several Kohinur ships had been destroyed. I was very happy to hear that and thought of calling Nasima to tell her the news but the line was dead again. I tried several times, then gave up. There was this temptation to get out of the bunker and find out whether she was okay but disobeying my father had never been part of my character, so I stayed behind.

The Kohinur gave a stiff resistance but when they realised that defeat was imminent they resorted to using the most dangerous weapon in our part of the universe. The Effacer. This wipes out of existence any material object no matter how big or tough it may be. Luckily, the weapon was intercepted and seized. A directive came from the Chancellor asking the armed forces to destroy Koh and all its inhabitants without delay. The order was carried out and in the night of the fateful day a brilliant flash was seen in the northern sky, signalling the annihilation of the barbaric civilisation of Koh.

The following morning, I opened the bunker and as I was about to come out, my father entered the house. He said nothing when I greeted him and i thought he was angry with me. His black scales were gleaming in the morning light and I realised I had also transformed all the while.
He sat down wearily on the chair in the parlour and I did the same next to him.
“Nasima has gone home’, he said softly.
‘What!’ I exclaimed. ‘What did you just say?’
‘The last missile fired by the Kohinur landed directly on the house and dug a deep crater, pushing the bunker deeper into the ground. Rescuers worked throughout the night to bring it out and succeeded but the entire family perished because their source of air supply was cut off by the impact. The engineer who built the bunker did a shoddy job. Nasima is dead, Shoram’.

It took me a full month to come to terms with Nasima’s death. After the funeral I took a walk by a lake close to her home. It was evening and the main sun had set while the two dwarf suns were rising. For days we had been on the watch for falling pieces of rock as a result of the destruction of Koh. But I cared no more. I gazed into the calm green lake as I walked. The colour reminded me of Nasima’s eyes. I wept.

Later on, when I raised my eyes to the sky I was surprised to see a moon-like object in the horizon. I heard footsteps behind me. People ran forward to look at a surviving part of Koh now caught up in our planet’s orbit. We’ve got a fifth moon.

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The Stranded Extraterrestrial 2: Nasima

My wife had made a copy of the translation of the book for me and I spent a whole night going through the wonderful story. The original glowing purse-book, as we prefered to call it, was with my wife who was sound asleep by my side:

My name is Shoram el Nuk, from the constellation Aidesa in the 21st System of Han. Our planet, called Hana, is the 6th from the main sun and 7th from the yellow and blue sun. We revolve around three suns, so it is a triplet solar system. The main sun is the youngest and brightest, radiating healthy heat and energy boosting properties, while the other older suns are dwarfs. There are fifteen planets in the system; three of them are gas giants.

My father was the Fleet Commander of our planet and the second-in-command in the entire Confederation of Stars. He retired the same year I graduated from the Academy of the High Ones. He was very proud of my performance. Ever since my mother died, some six years ago, he had been a very pensive person and kept to himself most of the time. The only real friend he had was me. In the evening I would sit by him and listen to stories of his adventures as a Fleet Commander.

He fascinated me with stories of his sojourn on Planet Terra in the Milky Way Galaxy where the inhabitants were almost like us, except for their inability to transform to scaly-skin or use telepathic communications deliberately even though it is latent in them. I often told him I would like to visit such a planet and not the weird ones around us filled with amorphous creatures, unnatural giants, midgets and other undeveloped organic beings.

One evening I came home to find my father fast asleep on his bed and decided to leave him alone. It was an opportunity to see my girl-friend whom I met a few weeks earlier.
I strolled down the street very happy with myself and nature. The main sun was setting, its golden orbs making a beautiful transformation of the environment. At the same time the two dwarf suns were rising but their light will only be as bright as those of the four moons that would rise later, one after the other, giving that part of our planet a unique mystic aura.

Nasima, my girl-friend sat with me in the restaurant waiting for our order. A tall Marufian brought the food and we settled down to a delightful meal. There was not much talking. I was the shy type. It was only when we left the restaurant and on our way to her home that I touched her by the shoulder. She turned to me, and I studied her beauty, in a scenery that was like a wave of delightful colours whispering in my heart. Her red hair, full lips and green eyes made me shiver and I transformed to scaly-skin right there.

I drew her close to me by the sidewalk and kissed her as she caressed my scaly hands. My scales were signs of extreme ecstasy. It could also come with any strong emotion.
‘I love you, Nasima’, I said. Then she did something incomprehensible. She bit me on the side of my neck, drawing blood.
‘Ouh! Why did you do that’? I winced.
‘That’, she touched the marks of the bite, ‘that is the seal of the love I have for you. ‘Anytime you feel those marks, know that it was from me. Know that my mark is on you and on no one else. I therefore pledge by your blood to be yours forever’.
Although it was an eccentric way to pledge love I went along with her idea. I never wanted to be without her. She was surely going to be my wife.

That night I had a joyful dream in which Nasima and I got married. However, I saw someone sprinking her with blood during the celebrations. When I woke up the next morning I dismissed the dream from my mind and went about my normal business.

In the evening there was a Breaking News on all Channels. It was about an impending attack on our Planet by the Kohinur of Planet Koh. For centuries, there had been a serious dispute about the mining rights on our planet. You see, the Kohinur were once co-inhabitants of Hana but they enslaved the rest of the population for thousands of years until a violent revolt overthrew them and they fled to a paradise of a planet near the blue dwarf sun from where they sent a message that they were still the rightful owners of Hana and would reclaim their property at the appropriate time. They went as far as demanding the right to mine the resources of our planet without hindrance. When they were denied access, a long war ensued in which they were defeated at a high cost of our people’s lives. Encouraged by this they were now launching a surprise attack.

My mind went to Nasima and her family. I hoped they would be safe. Just then my father came in looking grim. He looked into my eyes, and when he did that I knew it was serious business.
‘Go into the shelter and stay there till it is over. It is well-stocked to last a year. Keep your communications open. I have been recalled to duty and it is my pleasure to serve my planet’.
Then his voice got tender, ‘I’ll be back boy…’

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The Stranded Extraterrestrial 1

The Stranded Extraterrestrial 1.

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